Kid Style Art

Premise for the Children

This work had its inspiration from my grandson, Noah. As a one year old, he had done several drawings of circles in various colors. I was fascinated by them and decided to turn one of them into a painting. Consequently, I started to study children’s art more closely, and gathered as much visual vocabulary of their work as possible.

As adults, we are incapable of thinking or drawing like a child. We can only attempt to imitate them. Children have boundless imagination, unburdened by all the baggage adults carry. They express themselves in simple, warm, often humorous and entertaining ways. I made an effort to capture that feeling in these paintings.

For all of us, it may be impossible to remember the fun and pleasure we enjoyed doing art work as children. But, the joy and fun I felt doing these paintings gives me a pretty good idea what that was like.

– Antonio Macioce –